Popular Science News | ‘Scottish’ DNA Shows Racial Mix

Popular Science News – it has always amazed me that people living in an area claim that they are of that race. For example, if you and your grandparents come from Scotland then you’re Scottish. It is not until you begin to study your DNA that the truth is revealed. A recent large scale study of the DNA of Scottish people on ScotlandsDNA turned up surprising results.

Broadcaster and comedian, Fred Macaulay comes from one of the great Norse clans in the Hebrides and so he believed, as many do, that his ancestry was Viking. Not so, he was Irish! One per cent of all Scottish men have Berber ancestry probably as a result of people migrating to Scotland from the medieval caliphate of Cordoba in Spain. We are mostly a fantastic mix of races and for some reason are fixated on deriving our race from where a few generations of our family lived. Don’t get me started about what being a Cypriot means!

If you are interested in finding out your ancestry through having your DNA tested why not have a look at Ancestry.co.uk or perhaps have a look at the 1911 Census records for free at Ancestry.co.uk.


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