North Cyprus is a Magnet for the ‘less scrupulous’


It seems that north Cyprus is a magnet for shall we say, the less scrupulous in society.

Former Cotswold Water Park Society Chief Dennis Grant, was last year jailed for fraud. It is alleged he used some of the £700,000 proceeds of that fraud to purchase three plots of land in north Cyprus. It is also alleged that although he has paid for the land it has not yet been put into his name.

Now you in the back row, stop shouting ‘of course not, he needs to obtain his permission to purchase before that can happen!’ Of course now that he has a criminal conviction that will never happen, or will it? The valuation of that land remains a question mark the court was told. Well here is a little tip, ask him to show you his Contract of Sale.

64 year old Grant is currently serving a 4 years and four months sentence and was ‘unwell’ so could not attend this hearing which is reported to have taken place on the 9th August 2012. The words sick and parrot spring to mind.

Mr Grant’s whose crime went unnoticed for two years stands to lose his share in his home as the civil solicitor acting for the Cotswold Water Park are seeking power to sell his former matrimonial home and a house his daughter occupies. His wife and daughter are claiming equitable rights on these properties. The civil solicitor is also making enquiries about the 3 plots of land in north Cyprus. Good luck with that.

It is sad that north Cyprus appears to be a magnet for the less savoury ex-pats as Amaranta Valley and all the Aga victims will bear witness.

Pandora S Box

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