in Cyprus Today | 15/8/2012

‘Don’t pay the beach charge’ – consumer groups say the charges are illegal, Girne Municipality says they must be paid and of course if you don’t pay you’ll just create problems during your attempt to have a stress free time on the beach. Editor: doesn’t the consumer group realise that extortion, like fraud, is probably not a criminal offence?

Rats and mice on increase in TRNC – hunting of birds and the illegal killing of snakes is resulting in an increase in the rodent population.

North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus TodayNewspaper’s flag mix-up welcomed – Italy’s La Gazetta Dello Sport showed the TRNC flag instead of the RoC flag in their Olympic medal table.

‘Scrap our minister’s speed fine‘ – the TRNC Foreign Minister was driving his private car at 84km/hr in a 50km/hr built up zone near Lefkoşa General Hospital and it seems he expects the fine to be dropped. Editor: speed restrictions are for safety reasons and there is no reason to believe that being a TRNC minister should make a person any safer driving at speed in a built up area. Perhaps politicians should accept that they too should be punished for breaking the law and not assume that they are above the law?

Turkey ordered to pay compensation – to 8 Greek Cypriots denied the use of their property in Famagusta. This €20.83m compensation award was from a pre-IPC case and has to be paid by October 7th. Turkey has not commented on the case.

Landing system installed at airport – Ercan now uses an ILC system which aids planes landing in bad weather and means that in emergencies planes destined for the south can also land there.




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