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This article came from the pen of successful author and fellow property scam victim Sibel Hodge in June 2010.

So what has changed in the past two years to show the Government is aware of the problem. The answer is simple, nothing as far as the Government is concerned and a lot as far as the situation is concerned; it has worsened.

We have a Ministry of the Interior that seems to think it is ‘fun’ to sit on Pauline Read’s PTP and conduct a political enquiry with her as the subject of the enquiry. Seems that they can find the money for such a pointless exercise, yet ignore the need of the property victims. Many might think that to single out a vociferous campaigner for such treatment is an attempt to silence her in a very childish, petty and vindictive manner.

We have a Ministry of Finance whose leader is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The same Minister, if the weekend’s front page of Cyprus Today is to be believed, is so out of touch he thinks the Orams case is still the reason the property market is on its knees, totally overlooking the real reason, which Hasan Sungur quite rightly identified on the same front page. Until there is clear action to help the PROPERTY SCAM victims, people will not feel confident enough to buy in north Cyprus. In fact similar problems exists on the whole island of Cyprus.

Whilst the Minister of Finance is telling prospective purchasers that buying in north Cyprus is as ‘safe as houses’, just remember Kulaksiz 5 who thought so too, not only was it not safe financially and emotionally; the villas were so badly built it was not safe structurally. Pauline Read within months of moving into hers had to move out whilst the whole of the back end was rebuilt., then again she had to live through the same work being redone, then after four years of living in her dream home, had to leave again for the sake of her health. She did not, as some say, abandon it, she had locked and secured it and padlocked the gates to the property. That did not stop the impatient ***DELETED*** Bank from illegally repossessing it rather than taking the legal route. The vehicular attack on her partner also proved it is not safe physically to purchase in north Cyprus.

Would I buy in Cyprus? At the moment no, but if there were clear and positive action being taken to correct the situation, then yes I would rethink my stance. My advice today though would be do not buy property in Cyprus, and that applies to the whole island.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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