Popular Science News | Perigee Moon and possible Cancer & Alzheimer Cures

Perigee Moon – The orbit of the moon is not circular so at its closest it is called a “perigee”moon, 221,802 miles away and at its farthest point it is called “apogee,” 252,622 miles away. It just so happens that the moon currently is not only a perigee but it is also a full moon and this gives the impression of the moon being bigger compared to a full moon being at an apogee one. When the moon is low on the horizon it seems to be bigger than when it is high. This is an illusion caused by having landscape by which to compare it. The last time a perigee and full moon coincided was in March 2011. Tides will be a little higher and lower than normal, but not particularly noticeably so.

Curry Cancer Cure? – Cancer Research UK and University of Leicester have initiated a project hoping to find out whether curcumin, found in turmeric, can be ae supplement to chemotherapy. The spice acts as an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties and has traditionally been used for liver disease, digestive disorders, acne and allergies. Studies have already shown it slows the spread of cancer and boosts the effectiveness of chemotherapy along with protecting healthy cells from the effects of radiotherapy used to destroy the cancerous ones. This larger study is hoping to confirm these findings

Cure for Alzheimers? – Again at the University of Leicester, researchers have had great success preventing the death of the brain cells of mice infected with a disease similar to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. What happens in these diseases is that the damage they cause results in the body’s defence mechanism destroying them. The university have developed an injectable substance which prevents this destruction. Hopefully the treatment will eventually be transferable to humans


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