Karmi/Robb Auction | two families were not made homeless!

There comes a point in life where you wonder ‘why do I bother’. I can fully understand if reading one or two of the comments on their amazing success story of yesterday, the Pesky Pair feel that way.

You will recall their visit to the Ministry of the Interior, their run in with Mehmet Kader in the waiting room, his trying to infiltrate their meeting with the Minister. On that occasion their pleas that the Auction scheduled for yesterday to be cancelled fell on deaf ears. Did they take NO for an answer, no they did not. They carried on their campaign with emails, phone calls and on Friday when all else had failed, they called on the press in the person of Sever Levent owner/editor of Afrika Newspaper and then went into belt and braces mode and called on the Head of the Estate Agents Association. You all read in my article of yesterday how that went.

Now I see a few comments suggesting they handled the situation they found themselves in incorrectly. Well I guess when you have two women with appendages the size most men would be pleased to have, they will come in for some criticism. This criticism however is totally unjustified.

They were told verbally around 7.30 p.m on Friday that the Auction was postponed until August. They were sworn to secrecy until the notice appeared in Kibris Gazetesi the next day. It is supposition on my part, but I believe that Sener Levent gave up his potentially front page story for the common good and agreed to these conditions because he felt the needs of the victims were greater than the needs of his newspaper. Top man Sener Levent.

The Pesky Pair eagerly awaited the publication of Kibris Gazetesi, they expected it to be prominently placed in this paper and when it was not they were very upset. It was not until Saturday evening that someone pointed it out, tucked away on page 39 in the public notices. Now maybe they were being somewhat sceptical, but it did occur to them that the Tapu might just go ahead with the Auction thinking that no protesters would attend. The victims thought along the same lines too and it was their wish that the planned peaceful assembly at the Coffee Shop go ahead.

Not until they actually saw the official court order on the notice board on the Sunday morning did they truly believe it was postponed. It should also be noted that at the appointed start time an announcement was made and an impromptu TV opportunity taken. That the situation should get maximum exposure is important. Why then would any supporter feel angry when so much was achieved?

Editor (Dominic Freeman): Good question, why did “John Good” and “itaintalfot” complain that people had attended the meeting and “Good Enough” that people hadn’t attended? Perhaps some people just like to complain no matter what is achieved? Let’s face it – two families were not made homeless that day

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