North Cyprus Property Victims | “a whole boatload of publicity”

So just what did yesterday’s postponement of the Karmi/Robb achieve? Well a whole boatload of publicity. Sally and Malcolm were pictured on the front of Kibris Gatzetesi this morning, inside were pictures of the Pesky Pair together and of the victims, Pauline and Pembe either side of the infamous banner.

Afrika Gazetesi carried the story on the front page and an editorial inside. It was on Kibris TV news and Ada news today although I am told the speech given by Pauline was somewhat watered down probably for her protection. It may well have made other newspapers and Pembe and Pauline gave an interview to Kerem, chief reporter for Cyprus Today, so watch out for Wednesday’s edition. Pauline has asked me to extend her apologies to the editor of Cyprus Today, it was not her intention to allow them to publish the article they did on Saturday falsely, it really was a ‘timing thing’ and she is very grateful for the article they did print, they helped the cause enormously. So well done Cyprus Today.

Pandora S Box

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