Popular Science News | Let Your Phone Park Your Car

Popular Science News – you’re in a hurry, you arrive at a city you’re not familiar with and you’d just like to get your car parked, do whatever it is you went there for and leave. Trouble is, you really don’t want to waste time parking your car. If you are wealthy enough to have one of those luxury cars with sensors that aid parking then with the aid of your smartphone you can leave it to find a space and park the car for you.

Virtual Valet lets your phone do it or you. “You pull up to the kerb, push a button on your smartphone and the car takes care of everything else. Then you tell it to come back whenever you are done.”

Simple, just a minute, but what happens if someone crashes into you, what will you tell the insurance company? “Erm, it wasn’t my fault I was at a meeting. My phone was driving the car.” That’d work.

Have a look at the demonstration


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