North Cyprus Property | What if the Construction Industry Behaved Properly?

North Cyprus Property | What if the Construction Industry Behaved Properly?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property – What if the Construction Industry Behaved Properly?

I today have to visit a North Cyprus Police Station thanks to a spurious complaint from a ‘lady’ who knows I have done nothing wrong. Just as she knows the accusations she ‘shouted’ at my partner so publicly were false.

It got me to thinking just how different my life would be ‘if only’ everyone involved in the North Cyprus Property Sector had behaved legally and morally when I bought the property in Karsiyaka. Here is my take on how my life would have been without the dishonesty.

23rd June 2008: Today I went to the Tapu and met with the Builder. Paid all the fees and had title transferred into my name.”

This would have been the entry in my diary. Can you imagine, I would now be living the life I dreamt of. Visiting friends, gardening, swimming, maybe going to the gym. Reading and writing for pleasure. Of course, many will say, ‘0h you would have been bored’. Not so, I certainly would not know of some of the people I have met during the course of investigating property problems nor what the inside of the courts are like. That includes:

  • Akfinans Bank Limited
  • John Good
  • Nigel Watson
  • Pembe Ibrahim
  • Boysan Boyra
  • Girne District Court
  • Lefkosa High Court
  • Halil Ersoy
  • Lapta Police
  • Girne Police

All these would be unknown by me. Indeed, so many more who just would not have come into my life because I would not have had any reason to have met them. Much as it was a great pleasure to meet and get to know Mr Rauf Denktas, I doubt if I would ever have met him if things had gone the ‘right’ way. What you never had, you cannot miss.

It has been suggested that I enjoy the drama and am a conspiracy theory addict. Why do those who accuse me think I came here, certainly not looking for trouble?

I would still be living on the Kulaksiz 5 site, I would have eventually realised the only way to correct the faults in my villa would have been to pay a better builder to correct them. I would have bitten the bullet and done just that.

You all know what my life is like now. Does anyone really believe I ever wanted it this way?

I realise I am far from alone and that is the tragedy North Cyprus is suffering from. Too few, with too much power and no compassion.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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