Popular Science News | Geminids Meteor Shower

Popular Science News | Geminids Meteor ShowerPopular Science News – the Geminids meteor shower is the final major meteor shower of the year and also the most consistent shower in terms of putting on a worthwhile display. Obviously if you’re in North Cyprus then you’ll be a little warmer watching the display but if you wrap up well in the UK then, cloud cover willing, you’ll get a good view. Overnight temperatures in North Cyprus are expected to be around 100C and in the UK they’re expected to be above zero is the south.

In 2012, the Geminids are best viewed on the night of December 13th though the morning hours of December 14th. The Geminids are known for producing 100-150 meteors per hour during perfect conditions, and this year will be perfect for observing because it coincides with a New Moon (0% full). This will greatly increase the number of meteors you’ll be able to see streaking through the night sky. Unlike last year’s moon-soaked event, observers will be able to see even the faintest meteors. Unlike many of the other major meteor showers, the Geminids can be viewed early in the evening.



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