Rough Guide | Top 10 Places to Visit | Margate & North Cyprus

Rough Guide | Top 10 Places to Visit | Margate & North CyprusThe Rough Guide published their Top 10 Places to Visit and much to my surprise it contained Margate & North Cyprus. North Cyprus is at #1 and Margate at #7. I say much to my surprise because I live in both those places and while they both have areas that at worth visiting, overall they cannot be seen as must see tourist spots.

When questioned as to why Margate features in the top ten Rough Guides, the reply was because of the ‘Turner Contemporary gallery to the proliferation of other indie art spaces, vintage shops and cute cafes in the Old Town, Margate now offers much more than its golden sands and dilapidated seaside charm.’

It seems as if the reviewers of the town have concentrated their investigation of Margate on a few hundred square meters around the Turner Gallery. Quaint it might be, worth visiting it is not. The Turner gallery rarely has artworks worth seeing and if you’re expecting to see a multitude of Turner’s works then you’ll have to go elsewhere. The next exhibition of his works runs for October 2013 to January 2014. Peter’s Fish Factory has amazing fish and chips deal but you’ll have to find somewhere to park first.

North Cyprus follows the same pattern. Like the curate who was asked if his bad egg was OK, the reply was ‘in places.’ Those places would be Kyrenia harbour, if you can put up with the irritation of having to run the gauntlet of restaurant touts hassling you to eat overpriced indifferent food. There are several poorly maintained but interesting archaeological sites and beaches you can share with rubbish and expensive loungers and snacks. Entertainment in the evening is often of the same quality you would find in Margate pubs, including the has-beens who appear from time to time at the Winter Gardens.

Top 10? No way!

Source: Mail Online

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