Popular Science News | Eggs ARE good for you says US Egg Board

Popular Science News | Eggs ARE good for you says US Egg BoardWell I suppose it is no surprise but a research project sponsored by the American Egg Board came to the conclusions that eggs help you to slim. With the help of 20 overweight or obese volunteers the project discovered that those who ate an egg for breakfast instead of cereal felt less hungry at lunchtime, and ate less at an ‘all-you-can eat’ buffet.

The science behind this apparently is that the egg lowered levels of a hormone that stimulates appetite and raises the levels of another hormone which signals we are full. It was the fact that egg contains high quality protein which the cereal didn’t have which created this effect and it was nothing to do with the quantity of that protein. This might be why people who eat junk food containing low quality protein are overweight. Or put even more simply, if the food you eat hasn’t got what you need in the form of protein then you eat until you get it, along with all the calories you don’t need. So to get slim you should eat eggs, fish, lean meat or poultry for breakfast instead of cornflakes.


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