North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 12/5/2012

North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus TodayStriking Staff stage Protest -Angry scenes outside the Prime Ministry yesterday as striking Lefkoşa Municipality workers staged a rubbish protest. From Monday they will refuse to connect homes and businesses to the mains water system and will not bury any bodies. The workers have not been paid for 72 days.

President urged to protect properties – A documentary – A Few North Cyprus Banks Behaving Badly- urging the government to protect homes of the Kulaksiz 5 buyers has been sent to President Derviş Eroğlu and released online. The MNCB who created it claim it provides a hard hitting insight into how the TRNC Land Registry Office and legal system “failed” to provide justice for the property owners at the Karşiyaka site, who face eviction. The President was overseas and not available for comment.

Rainfall causes chaos – Torrential downpours caused havoc in Lefkoşa yesterday afternoon, with near record rainfall in the capital. Police were forced to close several main roads as 23mm of rain fell in less than an hour.

Kulaksiz 5 Victims may lose £800,000 – Group trying to get judgement allowing auction and sale of land to be set aside before eviction hearing.

In court this week it was claimed K5 buyers stand to lose at least £800,000 if they are evicted. In the eviction case owners asked for the Girne court to stay eviction or they will lose their homes. “If we don’t get this order we will lose our homes, all of our monies spent and if we later win our [main] case then we will have to take legal action against the bank, the owner Yüksel Yılmaz again and try to evict tenants in our houses. There will be chaos. We will be left homeless with no other house to go to in the world.”

In a separate court case this week, Kibtek, fighting to switch off power to the site, asked for one week to allow it work on proposals to avoid the impasse. Kibtek claim that the people living at K5 owe 8,000tl.

Fake 50tl alert – Police have issued a warning after finding fake 50tl notes in circulation. Bills with serial numbers A121370857 and A362805343 were seized

President urges government to take swift action on rubbish – He spoke out this week and called on the government to take urgent measures to save the country and its capital from a sea of rubbish. Speaking on Wednesday he stressed that the government’s priority in dealing with the chaos at Lefkoşa should be the immediate payment of the wages of the workers, which are more than 70 days late.

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