Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Talat Kurşat in Court

So Mr Talat Kurşat is attending court in the K5 case.

I was surprised to see that he produced an online advert for one of the K5 villas, in court, as if the advertiser had by advertising his villa for rent done something that totally justified the behaviour of  the Bank when they knowingly mortgaged this and all other villas on the security they described as Tarla (arable field) in the legal paperwork. Smoke and mirrors allegations seem par for the course for this particular law firm. You only have to see the report from the SOCA v ROBB case that went through the British courts to know this is a somewhat ‘creative’ law firm; creative arguments in court, creative accounting for Gary Robb.

It also occurs to me to ask a question at this stage, “Where is Akan? Ill, on holiday or so busy his most lucrative client has to call on Baba? Could he be travelling abroad using his other name? We know most Turkish Cypriots, through no fault of their own, have two names. Travelling anywhere in Europe on name number one would be fraught with difficulty due to the alleged existence of a European Arrest Warrant in that name.

The age of the victims on K5 does pull at the heartstrings but, from a purely legal point of view, what has happened to them would be no less WRONG had they all been in their mid 30’s or 40’s as indeed many of the victims in North Cyprus are. The reason why any purchaser bought a villa should also not matter. Whether they bought it as a permanent home in the sun or as a long term investment, fraudsters took their money and they ended up potentially with NOTHING and that is a crime. In a country where wrong is recognised as wrong, your age, sex, nationality or reason for purchasing should be irrelevant; the rule of law should apply equally to all. For it to matter would be ageist, sexist and discriminatory and all these are contrary to their Human Rights and a violation of them. Just like all people should be treated equally, let us remember all victims are people.

So to return to the ridiculous performance in court by producing an online advert as if it were a heinous crime to advertise a property to let. I remember being told of a line of villas with signs on them guaranteeing prospective purchasers rental income of £400 per month for three years. In the boom this was a marketing ploy used by the builders and their agents. Surprise, surprise some buyers bought as a long term investment on the basis of this promise. Is the legal profession now advocating that it is acceptable to ‘steal’ from those who in their opinion can afford the loss? Mr Kurşat, let me give you a lesson in advertising, you can advertise till the cows come home, it will not guarantee you any takers. Whilst people like you continue to defend the indefensible, the takers will be fewer and fewer because people are not as stupid as you would like them to be. Who wants to invest in a country that rubber stamps fraud? Who wants to holiday in a country that rubber stamps fraud? Who wants to invest in a country where there are no consequences for fraudsters?

This is a very sad state of affairs for the hard working Turkish Cypriots whose livelihoods and standard of living are being adversely affected by the actions of a corrupt few, few they may be, but their influence and power are out of all proportion to their number.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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