Popular Science News | Contacting Aliens a Waste of Time

Popular Science News – Contacting Aliens a Waste of Time. The search for extra terrestrial intelligence (SETI) has been dubbed not only a waste of time but potentially dangerous.

Contacting aliens is thought to be a waste of time because if they are in advance of us then they would have little trouble finding us with detectors which would pick up lighting patterns throughout Earth which would give away the fact that we are an industrial nation.  On top of that, alerting an alien race to our presence, would also alert them to our war-like nature and our fast developing weapons systems. Any alien race classified as intelligent would be smart enough to realise that if the human race has no problem with destroying its own kind then it would think nothing of destroying an alien race. The best strategy for an alien race would be to stamp us out before we become too powerful. This decision would be made only after careful study of our development and only at a time when there is no alternative but to stop our advance.

Perhaps there is a alien committee somewhere out there which has been watching us for centuries and based on the evidence it has collected it is currently deliberating sending in a team of humane pest exterminators, whatever ‘humane’ means in alien terms. Look around at what is happening in the year 2012 on Earth, what would your advice be to that alien pest control team?

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