North Cyprus Law | No Mutual Help from CAC and ‘Other’ STBINC


North Cyprus Law | No Mutual Help from CAC and ‘Other’ STBINC

As an exercise in mutual help and tolerance, this morning Hak put a link to our on Citizens Advice Cyprus and the other Stop the Blackmail page. It was done with the best of intentions, he is a member and therefore does have the right to post on these facebook pages. Of course, they were deleted but one has to ask WHY?

If you truly supported victims of the Property Scams here in north Cyprus, would you not feel it behoves you to guide your members to a page where they can get their questions answered FREE OF CHARGE? Question answered by a legal professional qualified to answer these questions, licensed to practice law in north Cyprus. Why would you withhold such a service from your members?

No one is questioning the fact that the ‘leader’ of CAC holds a certificate that certifies that in 2002 she did receive this certificate as a Paralegal in the UK, this entitles her to assist clerically a trained professional in the UK. It has no validity in north Cyprus. I do know that ‘introduction fees’ are demanded by CAC from the Advocates members are referred to. But hang on, surely the member also pays a £50.00 annual membership fee too. Now maybe I am being naive but wouldn’t the ‘introduction fee’ be paid indirectly by the client too.

STBINC the other group has a mission statement that says:

“Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus

Kuzey Kıbrıs’ta Blackmail Durdur

We call on the government in kktc to stop the blackmail of property buyers it is common practice for landowners / property developers / vendors to demand money over and above the contract price in return for them signing over the kochan this must be stopped it is blackmail and is ilegal in the rest of the civilised world .”Open group (no corrections made)

Citizens Advice Cyprus has a mission statement that says:

“This group has been created by victims for victims of the North Cyprus Property problems. Since the Government either …

will not or cannot help, we have opened an office in Bellapais and offer our help and services to those who want them. Since we are victims we feel that we are the right people to help those in the same situation. Click on to for more information”

Why then do both groups eject those who ask questions they do not want to answer? Delete posts by members? Delete posts offering help?

We do not pretend that Hak can give legal services such as taking cases to court free of charge; his fee structure is fair and he does keep the client advised of the action he is taking, the reason for the action and the possible outcome, all of this of course with the permission and approval of the client. The initial advice through the facebook page is, like it says on the label… free.

Never give in never give up


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