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When we first started Free Legal Advice North Cyprus (FLANC) it was like a breath of fresh air. There were those who were sceptical, a ‘flash in the pan’, a gimmick, someone jumping on the bandwagon? We leave that to other pages. I think by now we have dispelled this very real concern and still we go on providing this free service.

Well here we are still going strong and with over 2,200 members. Since the idea took seed and grew we have all been reaping the benefit of Hak giving advice on the page but more often now through the ‘chat’ facility on FaceBook. It is respected by those running this page that not everyone wishes to discuss their problems publicly.

In addition to advice, Hak regularly gives us chapter and verse and various laws that are very relevant to our situation as property victims.  I think we have all had our eyes opened to what the Law really says as opposed to what we have been told by those who would keep us in the dark.

For those who need more than just advice, Hak’s services are available and at what I consider a very reasonable price.

If you wish to see just what is going on go to:

The birth of this page came about as a direct result of it’s sister page:

Both pages are full of interesting and current information with what is happening to victims and how victims are now ‘FIGHTING BACK’.  Gone are the days when we just lie down and let the bad guys walk all over us.

Never give in never give up
Pauline Ann Read
Caretaker of the FaceBook groups
Kulaksiz 5 survivor

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