Popular Science News | Birds See Red

Popular Science News – you’ve just washed your car, gone inside for a cup of tea and when you return to drive into town you find your car has become a target for bird droppings! Well, the odds are that your car is red.

Researchers discovered that red cars followed by blue and black were targeted the most by birds.  If you live by the sea, where gulls wheel and dive, steal your ice cream and soil your car then buy a green car. If that colour isn’t to your taste then a grey, silver or white car will attract the least attacks.

These conclusions were taken from a report involving 1,140 vehicles in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol which analysed how often birds left their marks on cars and whether they preferred one colour over others. One discovery was that drivers claim £57 million a year from car insurance policies to get rid of stains made by birds. I wonder if car insurance will go up for those owning red cars?

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