Cherie Blair’s North Cyprus Property Problem

You may have already read this but if you haven’t then you really should:

“When Ms Blair defended Linda and David Orams in the landmark case concerning the rights of a dispossessed Greek Cypriot, it was reported in 2009 that she was given a cheque for her legal fees which ‘bounced’ when presented to her bank. The report then went on to state that she was given two apartments in North Cyprus in lieu of payment. 

The two apartments which were allegedly given to her in lieu of payment were rented out and managed by a well known British estate agent whose main office is in Kyrenia. It would appear that these apartments were never occupied by Cherie or Tony Blair, but they were rented out as short term holiday lets. It has been reported that rent was collected on Cherie Blair’s apartment by the estate agent, and that he was authorised by Ms Blair to retain funds from the rent to pay the North Cyprus Property Rental Tax. This stands at 10% of the gross revenue and should be paid in arrears on the 15 th of every month. See this link about North Cyprus Property Rental Tax

The story now circulating is that the estate agent did retain the 10% but has never made any payments to the Tax Office, to the astonishment and dismay of the Blairs.” [Wellington Estates]

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