Broken glass

Broken glass

Having just come back from south Cyprus, I was struck by how clean the streets were. Perhaps this is because they have an effective “Keep Cyprus Tidy” campaign running, I hear you say? Or perhaps they have better organised cleaning services? Or perhaps the north wind blows all the rubbish out to sea? Wrong, wrong, wrong! They fine you if you drop litter, and they mean it. There are regular signs on the motorways threatening €860 fines and if that isn’t a powerful persuader to take your rubbish home then I’m not sure what is.

I took a look around the beautiful village of Malatya and it is appalling! Above is just one image of rubbish dumped by the roadside.  What makes it worse is that most of it is dangerous broken glass. The Malatya cafe is surrounded by rubbish and down from there is a playing field which no self-respecting parent would send their child to. And then there is Pooh Corner…

At one time ex-pats were being asked to form rubbish collecting clubs, possibly because the locals were running out of space to dump their rubbish. One wit suggested that they would volunteer to go out collecting rubbish as long as there was one local side-by-side each ex-pat.

It seems to me that this is one of the few things they have got right in the south and that we should follow.

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