QuakeSOS – how to use your mobile phone after an earthquake

On Friday afternoon Apple approved the QuakeSOS application which acts to inform people as fast as possible after a serious earthquake. [1]

Cyprus is vulnerable to earthquakes and one happened then a linked website will give the state and exact GPS location of the registered users in the epicenter area. This information will then become available for the general public and the press.

The application is free so that we can reach as much people as possible. All current earthquake apps are mainly informative, QuakeSOS take the iPhone App a step further.

Download the App and try it out, it takes only 2 minutes and convince yourself that we can make the difference in Human Interaction during and after earthquakes.

The first small article and review appeared in a specialized blog [2]


[1] itunes.apple.com

[2] www.seismologik.com

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