This is Cyprus!

‘This is Cyprus.’ How many times have you heard that? Usually as an excuse for bad behaviour, bad workmanship or inferior goods for which I might add, you, the customer have paid good money. It is an excuse, not a reason, and usually proffered to you by an astute cunning business person who smiles, gives you that puppy dog look and is thinking ‘gotcha, another sucker.’ Sound familiar?

Most Turkish Cypriots and indeed mainland Turkish people are honest, fair and want to give value for money. However the above mentioned are looking for a quick buck and whilst we play their game, they are getting it. The next time you are in the Supermarket, do not let them short change you, do not take a box of matches or a stick of chewing gum instead, if you had wanted that it would be in your shopping trolley. Why when you have saved a little on one of their offers would you want to give them your change?

On a much bigger scale we now have the builders/landowners who have put us in the position where we could lose our homes. A scam of such enormous proportions the mind boggles. The government cannot ignore this – the injustice beggars belief.

If like me, you are prepared to stand up and be counted – be at the Auction at the Coffee Shop in Karşiyaka Square on 6th June at 10.00 a.m. Let people power stop them making the folks at Kulaksiz 5 homeless.

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