Under EU law would Akfinans Bank's mortgage policy be fraudulent?

To anyone who has not read the excellent article in the Opinion column of Saturday’s Cyprus Today by Ipek Ozerim, can I suggest that you do. Ipek, being a Turkish Cypriot can say an awful lot more than I, a simple ex patriot, am allowed to.

Ipek sees straight through the problem and recognises it for what it is – a criminal act. Fraud is not, nor ever will be a civil crime. She rightly asks why Yuksel Yilmaz and Abdurrahman Guney are not extradited from Turkey to face the music. Ipek, the police could have acted whilst both the perpetrators were living in the North, they chose not to. Yuksel Yilmaz is easily accessible, he works for Pegasus Airways at Hatay Airport – the TRNC High Court served the necessary papers on him there before the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited convinced the Judge at the High Court that having won my Breach of Contract action at Girne District Court, I did not need two remedies for the same problem. I agree, but the Repossession Order obtained by Akfinans Bank Limited needed challenging and that was what the Appeal was about. It was unfortunate I won my Breach of Contract action BEFORE the Appeal could take place, but I guess it was choreographed that way. A collective sigh of relief – the lid stays firmly on that can of worms. If the information I have received is correct, Abdurrahman Guney can be found in Famagusta.

It seems we have a friend in Ipek, so Ipek please help. I offered this information to Kibris Star and was given a bogus email address by their reporter. We need to get this into the Turkish speaking newspapers. On behalf of every Ex Patriot and every Turkish Cypriot who, through no fault of their own, is in a similar situation – I implore you please help. Ipek, Google “North Cyprus Free Press” for more details.

Please be at the Auction on Sunday the 6th June – Coffee Shop in Karsiyaka Square starting time 10.00 a.m. please be early. Remember we are not allowed to shout or carry banners much as we would like to.

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