Popular Science News | Biofuel Adding to World Hunger

Popular Science News – Biofuel is fuel created from food crops so it doesn’t take much imagination to realise that the more you produce the less food is available for eating. Currently there are 750m cars in the world and this number is expected to double in the next 10 years. In order to take the pressure off non-renewable fossil fuel,a alternatives will have to be used to keep them running. So does this mean more starvation and higher food prices?

According to Doug Parr of Greenpeace, this is not necessarily true. New technology now allows crop waste to be turned into fuel rather than the crop itself. The process is more expensive but then so will be the cost of food crops compared to crop waste. The only problem is that these wastes are often returned to the soil to not only supply nutrients but as a way of preventing the soil turning to dust as it did in the Dust Bowl which got its name after the effect of storms on Black Sunday, April 14, 1935. A combination of drought, wind storms and soil lacking natural binding material resulted in 100m acres of land being destroyed in the USA.

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