Citizen’s Advice Cyprus | Sevilla Construction’s Esentepe Victims Receive Title Deeds

Having just read the following on CAC FaceBook group I feel these facts need to be communicated to NCFP readers:

“I have been unable to post for the last week or so as we at CITIZENS ADVICE CYPRUS have been working closely with certain housing projects, we are still trying to negotiate the SUN VILLAS site in Çatalköy we will get there eventually , all are willing to negotiate but we need to get the correct conditions. GREENHILL Villas in Tatlısu is a new project we have taken on recently all is going well and landowner is cooperating nicely and willing to sign over the Koçans once an agreement is in place. Best result comes with SEVILLA CONTRUCTION Esentepe site, 6 buyers transfered and received their title deeds for their homes, 3 more for the same site will receivetheirs next month electrcity has now been connected to 2 of the homes and electricity works will be continuing THAT IS A RESULT !” [Pembe Ibrahim]

It would be fascinating to see how property victims on Sevilla Construction’s Esentepe site managed to receive that elusive piece of paper, the Title Deed, in their name and without a string of mortgages on the back. I know there have been false hopes in the past where people have been told they had their title deeds but actually did not have the piece of paper in their hand and when they did, it showed mortgages were still in place.

This is excellent news for the 6 Sevilla Construction’s Esentepe victims and hopefully next month for the other three.

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