Richard Dadd the Victorian Painter who Killed his Father

Richard Dadd was born in Chatham, Kent, in 1817 and died in an asylum in 1886. After an early distinguished career as an artist, in 1843 he was diagnosed as being of unsound mind after a trip to Egypt. After killing his father he was incarcerated but still allowed to paint for 43 years until his death. It was during this period that he produced some of his most remarkable and intricately executed works.

I first came across his paintings in the Tate Gallery and it was only after a little research that I discovered that these works had been created by a “mad knife-murderer”. If you look at the staring eyes of his characters it soon becomes apparent that Richard Dadd wasn’t all there but this does not detract from the quality of his work.

More examples of his work can be found at Daily Images

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