Malcolm Mitcheson of MNCB talks about the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Documentary

Monday morning on a TV show hosted by Serhat Incirli, Malcolm Mitcheson of MNCB allegedly talked about the documentary produced to highlight the plight of property victims in North Cyprus and the Kulaksiz 5 in particular. This documentary is said to be going to be widely available soon. I am sure we will all be eager to view it.

If you look at the Tapu document issued announcing the Karmi Robb Auction you see that there are two Kocans. The first (1254) carries a price tag of 38,000 TL, the second (1260) a price tag of 465,000 TL. Then you read that Gary Robb had 5/6th of this land transferred to him on the PROMISE of a villa as payment for the land. The villa was to be a luxury one to the value of £350,000 which, at today’s exchange rate of say 2.85 lira to the £, equals 997,500 TL; almost 1,000,000 TL. Now call me a sceptic, but how could land valued now at 465,000 TL warrant a price tag of almost 1,000,000 TL back in 2004/2005? Sort of reminds me of K5 whose 100,000 TL landowner’s debt jumped to 2,077,00TL in under five years. Well if you think that the landowner Eray Fellaloglu was promised a villa to that amount, was the land grossly overvalued at that time? Again I say, look for the ‘old kipper’ because it surely is smelling fishy around here.

Now extend your mind further, why would this same man, who was being promised a handsome sum in kind for the land he transferred to our home grown felon Mr Gary Robb, then give him $200,000 of materials on credit? We are led to believe this is a savvy business man, has he never heard of credit control? The overall picture is murky, a promise of a villa that was never started, the giving of credit in the sum of $200,000, it does rather stretch credulity. Am I being overly suspicious or is there something here that warrants further investigation?

We all read the report that came as a result of the Soca -v- Gary Robb case. The report is scathing in its description and calls the acts of transferring funds from an account in North Cyprus, allegedly in the name of Aga Construction Limited, to an account in Thailand in the name of Gary Robb, a criminal act on the part of Gary Robb and the law firm doing it; Talat Kursat. We are all aware that a partner in this law firm, one Akan Kursat was the minority shareholder in this company, we are all aware that this man is easily available to the authorities in North Cyprus, yet still they walk free, yet still they are not called upon to account for their actions and make restitution to these victims. The court case in Britain clearly implicates this firm in the movement of money, money that had it been used for the purpose it was intended could easily have helped prevent the tragedy that is the AGA Development scandal and is rocking this country to its foundations.

As a British citizen I am ashamed that this British man has caused this beautiful country such sorrow, BUT let us not forget the Turkish Cypriot Shareholder, Directors and Secretary of this company who either turned a ‘blind eye’ or as in the case of Akan and Talat Kursat who allegedly actively helped Robb move money they knew was meant for building purposes. Profit only comes AFTER you have fulfilled your Contractual obligation to your purchasers in full and paid your taxes. Taking the money and running, is criminal fraud.

On Sunday, victims of Robb were telling stories of other money leaving the island bound for Thailand, talk of figures in excess of £1,000,000 per trip and talk of at least seven trips. If true, was this cash, cheques, bankers drafts? Money, even cash leaves a paper trail in the form of cash withdrawal slips. Are the authorities here investigating. if they are not, shouldn’t they be?

Editor: the day that Gary Robb allegedly took several million pounds in cash from Girne’s Limassol Bank in 2005/6 a friend told me to take my money out of that bank because he thought the bank was going under.

O B Joyful

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