Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | the Story so far

I keep thinking about those folk in Kulaksiz 5, living in virtual terror, wondering when the big BAD bank will strike and make no mistake, like a viper, they will strike. What else can they do. Admit they are wrong, not even likely. That they know they are is now beyond dispute.

Firstly, there is the Mortgage loan document showing the exorbitant 250% interest, signed for, we are led to believe by HAPPY borrowers, who only needed to borrow 100,000 lira and we are expected to believe that this was anything other than a premeditated criminal fraud. Let us look at the other very damaging evidence. There appears to be no full signature of the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz, only what we are led to believe is his initials, do we believe this? Has the time come for the services of a hand writing expert to be brought into play? Why did the Tapu allow such a document to be registered with only the alleged ‘initials’ of the man offering land as security, and it did state only land, despite the survey I detail below? Look at the dates, SURVEY 29th March 2005, Mortgage Loan document 11th November 2005, some 8 months on and still they are claiming the security is land when they have documentary proof it is not, what else would you call it but Criminal Fraud. Remember what the Turkish Cypriot legal expert told the UK courts in the SOCA v ROBB case, if dishonesty is present, it is criminal fraud, even in the TRNC. Let us dwell on that point a little longer and look at the legal firm ACTING for the Bank, Talat Kursat, mentioned many times in the same report as conspiring in the illegal transfer of funds from TRNC to Thailand and other allegedly criminal acts. Maybe a leopard really does never change its spots.

There is the very damaging emergence of a Survey commissioned by the Bank on the 29th March 2005 which proves quite conclusively that their ‘expert’ gave them a written report confirming the existence of the properties at various stages of progress in their build. Allegedly, Unsal Gurok a former employee of the Tapu Dairesi and now working for himself prepared and submitted this report to the bank.

Some doubt is now raised as to whether the Bank, Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz made the Judge, Judge Mehmet Turker, aware of any of these facts when he gave the Bank the Repossession Order dated the 20th November 2008. Clearly with so much at stake, the Judge, now a High Court Judge, should be asked to consult his records from that case and confirm whether or not he made his decision based on the full facts or a sanitised version of the facts. There is far to much at stake and too many questions going unanswered for this important evidence to be swept under the Turkish Carpet.

If as is alleged, this is a crime of premeditated fraud, the landowner and possibly even the builder would not have been in any hurry to give Judge Turker the full facts.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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