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Who remembers this little gem, when someone came on to the comment section of NCFP and tried to intimidate Pauline Read. Remember this?

Bank surprize hazır olun
Saturday, April 7, 2012 by Citizen Smith

One of the many things Pauline Read and I discussed in our recent 50 minute telephone conversation was the situation as she sees it for the Kulaksiz 5.

I was surprised and appalled to hear that in its propaganda campaign the bank has promoted the idea that had Pauline Read been less vociferous in her words against the treatment meted out to the Kulaksiz 5, the bank would not have been so harsh in their treatment of her fellow victims. Surely, there can be no thinking person who would accept that obvious attempt to divide and conquer. In my opinion, it would not have mattered what was said or done by anyone, the bank were determined to take the whole of the K5 site, they planned that from day one and colluded with the Landowner to that end. To have anyone believe that they would have acted any differently is clearly a lie. What silence would really mean is that it would have been a lot easier for them and a lot more cost effective if they could have completed their plan quietly and discreetly with the minimum of publicity. This bank knows it is doing wrong, it does not want the full focus of publicity watching them doing it.

The more I hear about the K5 situation the more I marvel at the bank’s attitude. Did they really expect to walk in, take the homes of innocent pensioners and have no resistance?

Did they really believe each and every owner to say “yes”, I know I have paid for my home, I know you lent money to a third party without informing me, I know you charged 250% interest, later changed to 80% per quarter compound and I think you were very generous. I know you have received no payments and never chased the borrowers when they were in arrears with the first mortgage but you still handed them more. I know you knew I had paid for my home and looked at my Contract so in effect colluded in this fraud. I know you want my home and so here are the keys I will offer no resistance.”

Did they really believe it would be as easy as that? Clearly they did. Clearly they want as little public attention as possible hence the issuing of Writs like confetti and the threats to all the media under law 39/2001.

I would say to this bank. “Have you no shame, do you really expect your depositors to go on funding your ‘mistake,’ and I am being very generous in calling it a mistake. Do you intend to continue to chase the one woman, a 67 year old who has become the thorn in your side, with bogus Writs. How long do you think your depositors are going to stay with you if you continue persecuting old people and use their money to do it?”

Pauline Read also told me of a post on NCFP telling her of a “surprize hazır olun”, which I understand means be prepared for a surprise. What a cheap and nasty way to try to intimidate a woman who is, after all, only fighting for her rights, her human rights. Pauline Read did also tell me of another plan she has and, after hearing it, all I can say to the bank and the advocate “surprize hazır olun” right back at you.

A very experienced Advocate did advise Pauline Read that should she suffer the ignominy of arrest and/or deportation it could well work to her advantage, that she would then have a case in the ECHR in her own right and could expect significant compensation. I hope for her sake it does not come to that because the one thing that stands out very clearly when talking with Pauline Read is her undying love for the country she now calls home.

Power to the people


This was written back in April 2013, but the collusion to breach the Contract of Sale angle was mentioned many times before this date. ” I know you knew I had paid for my home and looked at my Contract so in effect colluded in this fraud. I know you want my home and so here are the keys I will offer no resistance.”

This of course was written tongue in cheek since the bank took Pauline Read’s home anyway and did not bother with the niceties of going the legal route.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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