North Cyprus Property | Municipality Water at the 'Price of a Drink!'


North Cyprus Property | Municipality Water at the ‘Price of a Drink!’

I remember the Karsiyaka days, the early ones when our enterprising landowner’s brother in law sold us water he did not own. The heady day when the water was connected by the same man for the then Karsiyaka Beledeysi but not until the true owner of the well he had been selling water from stopped him.

The nights I lay awake in my Karsiyaka home listening for the sound of water coming in so slowly that it was prudent for me to get up and fill the tank by using the tap at the gate, filling watering cans and carrying them to the tank because the pressure was so low and by the time it got to the tank, almost none existent. I would do that for two to three hours during the night because I knew the supply would not come in for long enough to fill the tank in the normal way.

Imagine when the supply in the property I now live in came in at such high power that you had to not have the inlet more than a little open. Even that supply has not been without incident- North Cyprus Property | Plastic Water Tank Problem

Recently, like the rest of north Cyprus, we have been having a very little supply of water but when we had been without it for almost three weeks, I spoke with a neighbour. He said that he spoke with our water authority who allegedly told him they were obliged to send a tanker if you were not getting water, and that if they did so, to give the driver the price of a drink. When my neighbour asked how much a drink usually was, he was told 100 lira. That is more than a private tanker.

Last year the supply at my new home stopped, I contacted the Beledeysi and they sent out a man who did something with the pipe their side of the meter and the supply resumed.  Having not had water for so long we decided to contact the same man since we had his telephone number. He made it quite clear on the phone that he would want 50 lira to come and look. He came, he disconnected the pipe the water authorities side of the meter, blew down the pipe a couple of times and voila…..water. This was done in normal working hours, so why the need to pay an employee of the water authority 50 lira?

The corruption varies from ‘penny ante’ [Editor: Americanism for ‘small amount’] stuff like this example, to much more serious stuff. Until it is stopped, nothing will change in north Cyprus.


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