Cyprus Property | Plastic Water Tank Problem

Cyprus Property | Plastic Water Tank ProblemWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Property | Plastic Water Tank Problem

Who will forget the sage of our first domestic water tank in Edremit.

TRNC builder Halil Ersoy “are you a member of the Constructor’s Union?”
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 – by Name & Address Supplied

Whilst I was taking my much needed break in the U.K. as you are all aware, the heavens opened up over the TRNC bringing some much needed rain. I am sure, like me, some of you suffered from storm damage, and also like me, the damage could have been avoided if your Builder had even the slightest idea of ‘how to build properly’. I am still waiting for the answer to a question put to my builder before I was forced to change to a decent one, i.e. are you a member of the Constructor’s Union? Perhaps one of you, my readers, may know the answer, the builder is Halil Ersoy.

Lest I am, again, accused of being economical with the truth, I am publishing some photos of the damage suffered below this story. The water tank which supplies the domestic water to my house has sunk and turned sideways. The sides of the tank have caved in and this has all been caused by the fact that contrary to the norm when sinking a tank below ground, the builder failed to put a concrete cage around the tank with weep holes, so that this could not have occurred. In fact, he just dug a hole and put the tank in then put earth around it

I did take pictures to my insurer, more in hope than expectation and as I expected, they confirmed my insurance does not cover me for bad workmanship. Mr Ersoy did guarantee his work in the Contract, but since he also guaranteed to liaise with me on every aspect of the job in the Contract and have any change instigated by either of us put in writing and signed by both of us (never happened) then I do not expect him to honour this guarantee, and indeed having seen the way this tank has been put in, would not trust him to rectify the fault properly.

I will, at my expense have to pay for this tank to be either put above ground or have the tank lifted, a concrete cage constructed and the tank put back in. It may even incur the cost of a new tank if the old one is damaged too badly. All of course, at my expense . It seems, even now, in the Building Industry the cowboys are still riding roughshod over us.

Things have moved on since then and now we are on our third domestic water tank. Following the sage of number one, we had a concrete plinth built and invested in domestic water tank number two which we had sited above ground where we could see what was happening. Just as well, as things turned out, because on Saturday afternoon whilst enjoying yet another electricity cut, we heard what sounded like a water fall in the garden. Investigation revealed 5 tonnes of water had been discharged onto the drive from our just over two years old plastic water tank. The reason we found was a hole in the seam of the tank.

It was only possible to get the new one in situ yesterday so we had to spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday ‘roughing it’.

On Monday morning an impromptu shower was erected in the garden where we managed to shower and wash hair by means of a submersible pump and a garden hose. Hey ho, necessity being the mother of invention.

Thank goodness for my Agile Lover aka the naked plumber.

The joys of living in north Cyprus; if they cannot find one way to shaft you, they will find another.



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