North Cyprus Property | Kyerson Homes | The McNicols' Story


North Cyprus Property | Kyerson Homes | The McNicols’ Story

Here is yet another purchaser of a Kyerson Homes North Cyprus property. It is so sad that so many dared dream and found themselves in the clutches of such people.


While on holiday in Kyrenia in May 2004 we looked at some properties as we had been thinking of buying an apartment overseas for some time. Northern Cyprus and Kyrenia very much met the criteria of the sort of place we would like to spend regular time.

Having seen examples of the work done by Kyerson Homes, through the estate agency Henry Charles, we thought we may buy an apartment, off plan.

The apartment was to be in a block in the old Turkish Quarter in Yukari Girne.

We decided we would not rush into anything but would give ourselves time to think it through fully.

We returned to the UK and, over the next 2 weeks, gave a lot of thought to whether we should purchase the apartment.

We took the decision to go ahead and on 23 June 2004 paid £1000 via our solicitor Akan Gurkan of the firm Gurkan and Gurkan.

Between then and April 2005 we paid a further £38500 in completed stage payments.

We visited Kyrenia in March 2005 and were told by Tayyar Ogurlu of Kyerson Homes that the apartment would be ready for occupation in July 2005 in accordance with the contract.

On this basis we bought most of the furniture we needed for the apartment in March 2005. We were to notify the furniture sellers when the apartment was ready and they then would deliver the furniture.

Of course very little happened after that and in April 2005 all work virtually stopped. We spent a lot of time telephoning Kyerson Homes but were continually mislead by Tayyar and his son Jason both of whom treated us very badly indeed

In 2007 we engaged another solicitor however, a year or so later , we were advised that even if we won our case we were very unlikely to get our money back. We therefore stopped our legal action

I suppose we could have fought a lot harder and for a lot longer however it seemed that we were just flinging our hard earned money away and that we were up against certain people that could not care less about us.

On top of the £39500 we paid to Kyerson the costs of furniture and legal fees, which was all money down the drain, took our losses to almost £45000

While we continue to believe that Northern Cyprus is a great place we both feel very strongly that we have been treated appallingly and look like losing, what for us, is a great deal of money

John and Pam McNicol
7 September 2013″

This story is in the words of the victim and nothing has been changed.

It is painfully obvious if the law had allowed the transfer of the Kocan when handing over any of our money, this sort of thing could not have happened.

NO MONEY….NO KOCAN should have been the rule then. For the sake of potential new purchasers it should be the rule NOW.

Laws are made by people for people. When the law is not strong enough, it must be amended or it must be changed. The problems have been obvious to a blind man from as far back as the early 2000’s yet the Permission to Purchase process which causes the delay in transferring the Kocan has been tinkered with but not changed….WHY?

Clearly the legal profession has let down many purchasers, witness the need for legal action to get their basic Human Rights, the right to enjoy the home they have bought and paid for. Witness the misery, expense and use of their time they are now experiencing rather than enjoying a well earned rest after a lifetime of working and saving.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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