North Cyprus News | in Cyprus Today -10/12/2011

Expat workers ‘time limit’ Bill – the opposition CTP party have tabled a bill which if passed would only allow expats to work for 4 consecutive years and then they “would be required to quit the TRNC for three years.” Editor: what, is election time coming around already?

Hepatitis victim hit by further problems on TRNC return – in September the Council of Ministers said she could return but when she arrived she was told she needed a blood test she knew could not be administered in the TRNC.

Five days later… census continues – the population is around 300,000, but they’re still counting

Decision by judge ‘will open road to change’ – the first official case involving a conscientious objector has been referred from a military court to the Constitutional Court.

Turkish Cypriot group’s offices firebombed – in Islington, London. The Council of Turkish Cyprus Associations was attacked with no injuries. The attack is part of a series of such attacks whose targets have included the Zaman newspaper’s offices.

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