Jolly Jack’s Castle | a not entirely fictional story about a Somerset school

Jolly Jack's Castle | A Novel by Ken DunnThe style of Ken Dunn’s popular stories on NCFP are evident in his new novel about an independent school in the UK. Whilst not actually naming the Somerset school it is based upon, it is clear that his story is not entirely fictional. School humour is not to everyone’s taste but Ken’s style overcomes any misgivings you may have about this.

Ken wrote that 90% of what he’d written was true, but very soon into the book the reader  finds that the events he depicts are so incredible it is almost impossible to believe they could be referring to a real Somerset Cathedral School. Students seem to be out of control, the building, when it isn’t falling apart, is being set on fire by either the staff or the students. Staff and management are incompetent at best and, with an open bar in the staffroom, other interpretations are easy to make.

This book is about a school being dragged into 21st century educational accountability and it is fascinating to watch old practices clashing headlong with the introduction of new curriculum demands and practices. For some it may even be a sad recollection of the end of the “good old days” when teachers and schools were free of government control. The school’s first OFSTED inspection, if true as Ken suggests it may be, leaves you both howling with laughter and incredulous that the inspectors could be so incompetent.

The book’s complete title is “Jolly Jack’s Castle – An Everyday Bloody Barking Mad! Story of Teaching Folk” and is now available in paperback (25% discount until 14/2/2011) , Kindle’s mobi ebook format or Sony’s epub format. Click the relevant link below to buy your copy.

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