North Cyprus News | Census results

I am sure you have all been waiting for the results of the Census. The reason we were all ‘confined to barracks’ from 5.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m last Sunday. Those of our readers who live here in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus were and, we are led to believe, the Census has continued for part of last week too.

The preliminary figures have been released by the Prime Minister Mr. Isren Kucuk and are as follows:


Total 294906

This is said to be an overall increase of 11.2% on the figure in the last Census in 2006. The cynical amongst us wonder if the 5,800,000 lira alleged cost was money well spent.

I personally would like to see an official count of all the empty, part completed or only just started but abandoned villas and flats on the island. I am sure the potential domestic dwellings completion of these sites would yield would be in excess of the population as recorded in this 2011 Census.

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