Cyprus Today – 10/11/2010

Customs plan a blitz – shoppers face crackdown at the border. To try prevent to Turkish Cypriots shopping in the south for Kurban Bayram, the ubiquitous Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar, announced a customs crackdown to enforce the €135 limit to trade with the south. This contrasts with the €260 EU limit that the south imposes on those travelling south.

Calls for Cyprus with no Green Line – “Brussels wants the two communities to work towards scrapping the Green Line.”

Straw says: time to formalise two states of Cyprus? Editor: he’s not in government so it’s just an opinion

Permit tests for blood donors to be scrapped? – BRS have “received positive responses to suggestions” that if you are a local blood donor then you should not need to have a residency blood test.

Candle vigil to enlighten on property – mostly in NCFP but Ismet Üstüner, Elko of Cyp44, makes the interesting point that “the Constitutional Court said that… (charging interest) without a limit is unconstitutional.”

Boiler problems blamed for country-wide blackout – one of the two Tecnecik power station generators failed while the other was undergoing routine maintenance.

Stabbed musician still being treated – a Turkish Cypriot musician stabbed by Greek Cypriots at an anti-racist event in the south is still being treated in hospital. Witnesses say that the event became a warzone when supporters of three nationalist parties came in conflict with the organisers of the event.

Bumper year for olive growers – the crop in expected to be four times larger than the bumper crop of 2007  and the price of a litre of oil has dropped to 7TL wholesale.

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