Cousins Restaurant, Edremit – Sunday Lunch

Lest you should think that I have rapid declined and all I ever write about is the bad things in life, I know there are enough of them, well on Sunday something nice happened. We decided that rather than have me slave over a hot microwave, we would go out for Sunday lunch. We had been promising ourselves we would try Cousins Restaurant as we often drive past it on our way home.

The garden is beautiful, well tended and has some of the loveliest roses I have ever seen. The scent is magnificent; so far so good, great garden, lovely position, wonderful views. The restaurant is well appointed and the owner a very affable chap who actually does all the serving himself.

We ordered a main course and a pudding (I could say sweet or dessert but I’m not posh). There was lamb or beef or a mixture, we all decided on a mixture. The meat was plentiful and very tender, the vegetables were cooked as I like them, the roasties were good and the Yorkshire puds, though not as good as your Mum’s, were very acceptable; actually they could have been Aunt Bessie’s.

Now for the pudding, I had bread and butter pudding with white chocolate (oooohhhhh) and so did Chris. Chris doesn’t eat pudding so you can guess who had his. Look I am doing this for all of you – I keep telling you it is not over till the fat lady sings, how else am I going to be fat enough? One of our friends had apple pie which he assures me was delicious but he didn’t let me have a taste so I will take his word for it. The puddings were served with some of the nicest ice cream I have ever tasted. The price for Sunday lunch 17 TL each, drinks of course are extra.

We were so impressed we booked in for Christmas lunch 38 TL for four courses.

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