The TRNC property victim “cash cows have been milked for the last time”

cash cowToday I want to talk about David who wrote so eloquently about living under a cloud. All the victims of property scams know exactly what David is talking about. The scams are as diverse as the rogues who perpetrate them. It could be as simple or as complicated as their imaginations permit. The real problem as far as we, the victims, are concerned is that no matter how obvious the cause of the problem is, the blame and therefore the consequences will fall full force in the laps of the victims. Why, because as innocent pawns in the blame game, they are the easy targets and to begin with they had the money with which to buy off the problem.

Unfortunately the rogues started to think bigger and bigger and as the cost got bigger the likelihood of the victim being able to buy the perpetrator’s way out of the problem became less and less likely. Now we have the scenario of the KULAKSIZ/ABDURRAHMAN GUNEY/YUKSEL YILMAZ/AKFINANS BANK where the victims, KULAKSIZ 5, do not have any hope of buying off this problem.

We have now reached an impasse, consecutive Governments have ignored the obvious frauds being carried out under their noses and now the limit has been reached. The victims can no longer unfairly shoulder the responsibility, why – because they had been bled dry. They have no resources left. The cash cows have been milked for the last time.

The time has come for the Government to sit up and take notice. To put right the obvious wrongs, to take responsibility and to prosecute the offenders.


If you care……………be there

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