North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 25/10/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 25/10/2014

This edition is a bit thin on news, and some of it is old news and other news not at all related to north Cyprus.


Telecom chaos hits thousands – because of… well no clear explanation given apart from that the system is ‘ailing’ and infrastructural work was taking place in Alsancak. There was also mention of a ‘maintenance contract cancelled by the previous government’ rather than a replacement contract not being put in place by the current government.

Dog owner warned over disease and poisoning – the disease being leishmania transferred by sandflies from diseased  dogs. Editor: the Scalibor collar specifically says it protects against Leishmania.

US court rejects GC claims over property in N Cyprus – an old case in the US came to a conclusion last month that the court ‘had no jurisdiction in the matter’

TC arrested for running a drug trafficking network – in London


‘We continue to live in hell’ – says the pollution affected residents of Harmony Homes six months after being promised by the Lapta Mayor he would move the rubbish ‘transfer station’ elsewhere.

New laws for safer roads in the works – according to the Public Works and Transport Ministry director, Hasan Arkol. But only by drafting laws to match EU standards.  Editor: how does that stop someone driving a car with their knees while eating a kebab at the same times as talking on the phone?

Turkish Republic anniversary events – on Wednesday there is a public holiday

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4 comments to North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 25/10/2014

  • Polly Marples

    So nothing very interesting. How on earth did they ever fill two papers a week?

    Citizenship bill amendment still ‘pending’?

  • cyprusishome

    polly, they never did fill two “newspapers” with news they were full of adverts and the usual Brits in party mode. If they had hived off the social events to a separate comic then more people may have bought the “newspaper” element on a regular basis.

    Spoke several times to a senior reporter at CT and their view was the same as ours but the supposed management knew different.

    Given the news that is seen on line and on TV then one has to wonder what the staff at CT are paid for, they certainly have not produced a viable newspaper for several years.

  • Polly Marples

    Many criticised Ian, but he was a solid reliable journalist.

    It is sad that this is the best of two very mediocre English language newspapers.

  • Cyprus Sue

    I have never really viewed them as newspapers. To me they were more like the freebies one gets posted in homes throughout Britain. Full of adverts and events but rarely news.