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Cyprus Law | Censorship By Any Other NameWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law – Censorship By Any Other Name

As a now regular reader of Cyprus Mail, I have observed a hard core of trolls who gang together and by the method of flagging up comments under articles manage to get the comment deleted and the commenter banned. Of course it is censorship in another form.

The ‘my country right or wrong’ brigade do their country a disservice and will not face the truth, the country is in bad way.

Censorship in the north is a way of life. You only have to read the English language newspapers to realise this. The very draconian actions taken by Akfinans Bank Limited to silence me and others, put the frighteners on many Turkish language papers too. The indiscriminate use of Libel Writs and the legal system with its many questionable practices makes the truth a very uncertain defence. Brown envelopes allegedly seem to trump all other considerations where justice is concerned.

The one beacon of light in a gagged press is Afrika Gazetesi, the editor’s bravery is an example to all. Whilst I do not necessarily agree with everything written in Afrika Gazetesi, I do believe in their right to say it.

That the EU were going to more than issue a declaration of their displeasure at Turkey’s recent actions was a pipe dream. That the ROC expected more demonstrates their delusory state of mind and their inflated ideas of their importance in the scheme of things. Using Greece to wave the big stick at the EU meeting was, in my opinion a mistake.

Turkey has more to offer on the world stage than the ROC could ever have. No one was ever going to take any real action against them.


Pauline Read

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