NCFP Publications | Remittance Man | Where to Now?

NCFP Publications | Remittance Man | Where to Now?NCFP Publications | Remittance Man | Where to Now?

‘Different people have different hobbies – for instance, I love building and flying radio control model aircraft. However, I came to the stage in my mis-spent life where I thought: ‘What a waste my insignificant little life would be if I can’t leave some sort of a lasting legacy, and such a legacy cannot be financial because once the inheritor has spent the money, any financial legacy soon fades into obscurity. However, how about writing a highly fictionalised novel about the quite interesting and exciting life that I have led? That’s the caper – go for it, my son!’ So I did – and two and a half years later I felt that I had perfected a pretty good novel of 500 pages. Firstly, I hand wrote the story in school exercise books with a good, old-fashioned fountain pen – I reckon the plot brewed in my brain, then flowed down my arm into my hand and thence through the pen onto the paper. I knew very little about computers – I only bought my first, an old Compaq laptop with Windows 3.1, in a New Zealand government auction – I paid ‘peanuts’ for it! I had nobody to teach me, but somehow I managed to physically produce a paperback novel, with full colour cover – it looks just like a bought one! In the ensuing five years, over 300 people from various walks of life read it – approximately 90% said: ‘Unputdownable, Heaton!’
Ah – but to find a publisher proved to be an expensive, thankless and disappointing exercise in utter futility! Although I submitted what I still consider to be a fairly good synopsis, all I received back from the publishers and literary agents was: ‘Thank you for submitting your work to us, unfortunately our lists are full.’

So, then I submitted the book as a two book series as an ‘e’ book to Amazon Kindle. This seems fruitless, also – unless you want to list your book as a ‘freebie’.I then thought of trying to make an audio recording of my book – but having spent a considerable time doing so, using the magnificent ‘Audacity’ programme, and with only the laptop’s inbuilt microphone. Although I had feedback from my friends and acquaintances, including a few strangers, that the playback was perfectly audible and acceptable – the fact of the matter is, simply, that it does not meet today’s acceptable recording/playback criteria of quality that the audio book companies demand. However, the sound quality of mine is far better than those that used to be recorded on cassette tape.

Surely, there must be countless other budding authors who have had a more or less similar experience? Now, I’m really wondering where to go from here!’

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