Cyprus Today - 1st October 2016

cyprus-todayHaving got hold of a copy of today’s Cyprus Today I decided to do a one off review of its contents. As usual the majority of the articles had either appeared elsewhere online, were a rehash of old news or were non-news.


‘End of Ordeal in Sight For Buyers’ – well no, there is no end to the ordeal suffered by Amaranta Valley property buyers. New regulations are to be added to the existing regulations which failed to do what they were set up to do, namely allow the TRNC government to sell the unsaleable Amaranta properties. Buyers would be allowed to keep these uninhabitable properties, probably issued without title deeds, or take what is left of the money received from the government selling them.

Association: Donkey’s ears are not used for black magic rituals – an unnamed person said that the ears from a donkey had been used for black magic but this is denied.

Expats turned away at border – wrongly.

Blood donors ‘are being put off’ – because they are being turned away because of lack of staff or was it because collection times had changed and donors had not been informed? The times are 8am-1pm on weekdays and Saturdays at the Girne Hospital.


Court halts ‘damaging’ planning law changes – while it is decided whether they can go ahead. When it is decided they can go ahead the 7-storey hotel project at Karaoglanoglu will continue to be extended beyond the 4-storey limit.

Legal challenge to govt over new cars – as reported in NCFP the article TRNC Government Invests in Mercedes Cars Instead of Health Care

‘Stop dangerous driving’ – campaigners say. An interesting game to play while driving to and from Ercan airport is to spot how many drivers are on a mobile phone, zip past you when you are at the legal speed limit or motor-cyclists without helmets. If you want to waste time you could also count the number of police vehicles you see.

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