TRNC Government Invests in Mercedes Cars Instead of Health Care

TRNC Government Invests in Mercedes Cars Instead of Health CareThe National Unity Party-Democratic Party coalition decided that two million TL (£500,000) was needed to be spent on 17 Mercedes E-class cars for the President, PM, 10 ministers and 5 senior officials. Apparently they are short of money and, if past experience is anything to go by, will be struggling to pay salaries at Christmas.

Not only were trade unions and the opposition parties furious at this waste of what little money Turkish tax-payers give to the TRNC, but the President and the Speaker of the Parliament rejected the luxury cars. There was also objection that the purchase went through, according to Cyprus Today (24-9-2016):

“Without opening a competitive public tender, without a Council of Ministers decision or a contract. A shady situation prevails. Both the method and the legality of the purchase off the official cars demands an investigation.”

Rejecting the cars was called ‘populist’ according to Sedar Denktas who is “at ease on this issue.”

One recipient of these new cars, Transport and Public Works Minister Kemal Durust, was warned he would need to drive carefully to avoid potholes in the roads left unrepaired because of budget cuts.

What can anyone do about it? Nothing! The government gets to do what they like and can even ignore the laws they pass. The Parliament is a law making machine with little means of enforcing any laws the rich and powerful decides to ignore and it is little different down south. Welcome to the Middle East!

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1 comment to TRNC Government Invests in Mercedes Cars Instead of Health Care

  • Cyprus Sue

    So true. The GC and TC politicians have much in common. If ever there was reunification, its a cert that they would all excel in fleecing the tax payers.