Charge Me Double I'm Drinking Turkish Water!

Charge Me Double I'm Drinking Turkish Water!As expected as the effects of transferring water from Turkey, plus the privatisation of the TRNC water system, hits the billing system the cost of water has doubled or more. Prices per ton seem to be from 4-10TL (£1-£2.50) and without any evidence of chlorination having taken place.

Whilst it could be argued that this is a fair price, the impact on poorer families is obvious. The average usage, I guess, would be around 6 tons per month with an increase in cost as much as £10 per month which compared to the £350pm TRNC minimum wage is quite a hike.

Worse still, to my mind, is the vulnerability caused by changing from the local water system to dependence on a source the other side of the Med. If there is a drought in the area in Turkey supplying the water or, heaven forbid, a terrorist attack on the supply, the entire north is at risk. In many areas in the north water was originally, but sporadically during the Summer, supplied from wells and even from a 12 month a year waterfall in one case.

Dare I say that losing control of essential utilities is not wise for a country, whether it be UK or North Cyprus, but allowing the majority of that supply to come solely from one source overseas, is potentially suicidal.

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