North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 18/10/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 18/10/2014

Haven’t bothered with this snoozepaper over the last few weeks but in order to check out whether it has improved I decided to give it another chance. I think the front page, usually intended to attract buyers, says it all


New plans to avert floods – a special technical committee has been set up at the Prime Ministry after 3 days of floods which were blamed on ‘a different kind of rainfall’.

Expats ‘concerned about airport plan’ – an old runway in Catalkoy may be re-instated but the TRNC Civil Aviation authority thinks otherwise.

Fuel price cuts unsatisfactory – price drops are not keeping up with the drop in crude oil prices. The government plans to drop the prices if crude oil falls further.


BRS seeks to clarify the citizenship bill – still as confused over residency requirement for the over 60s as they were in this newspaper a few months ago.

Union may strike over holiday period – air traffic controller plan to strike over the Christmas and new Year period, as they do every year.

Court bailiff steals millions in fines – over a period of eight years. Editor: and no one noticed the unpaid fines until now!


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9 comments to North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 18/10/2014

  • Polly Marples

    Oh my good grief. Bailiffs with whom Pauline was on first name terms, caught with hands in the cookie jar. Nothing new there then, corruption continues unabated.

  • johnsiddle

    What is the point in posting articles like this if there are no links to the content.
    I have been trying to find the headlines in order to read them fully but I am at a loss.
    Surely the headline to the individual articles could have the hyperlink added.

    Please enlighten me!!!

  • Malcolm Channing

    John, Cyprus Today is a news PAPER, ie no internet links. We review it so NCFP readers have an idea about what is being published in it. It’s a summary of items of interest to whoever reviews it. Buy a subscription if you’re in the UK and our review makes that seem worthwhile.

  • fluter

    love the comment about the rain.

    Reminds me of “The wrong sort of snow”.

  • Polly Marples

    You are not missing so much John, I believe Cyprus Star is available on line.

  • fluter

    Yes, it is Polly.

  • Polly Marples

  • Malcolm Channing

    Over 4 years old that edition of Cyprus Star!

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear, I did not check lol