The Developer, The Mayor and The Land Registry Office

The Developer, The Mayor and The Land Registry OfficeThe Developer, The Mayor and The Land Registry Office

Truth tops fiction every time and this latest story coming out of the south is a ‘cracker’ It has all the ingredients of a soap opera. It involves a developer, a mayor, a land registry office, text threats, dodgy deals a potential fall guy and there is still more to come. All that is missing from this real life soap opera is a love interest, but who knows, that might still come. The mayor faces charges of conspiring to commit a felony, conspiring to commit a misdemeanor, sending written death threats, interfering with a court procedure and sending harmful texts.

We know that the property fraud situation in the south is a mirror image of the north with all the twists and turns you expect where corruption and dishonesty is involved. I suppose you could even say Agile’s near miss when a motor vehicle was driven at him at speed is a similar situation as the alleged ‘written death threats’ but without the warning. Sadly Agile is not so nimble these days.

This case in the ROC is just, we are told, the tip of the iceberg and the ice is quickly melting. In my opinion, there are many more ‘auctions’ coming our way in the north too.

As the members of the Kulaksiz 5 await the decision of their main case from Judge Talat Usar, which whatever the outcome will almost certainly be Appealed by the losing side, be aware our fellow victims in the south are not faring any better under the legal system there. Justice is not a certainty for anyone on the island of Cyprus and that in itself is a crime.

Never give in never give up.


Pauline Read

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