Will Akfinan’s immoral North Cyprus property auction go ahead?

One of the saddest things about a situation, like the one we at Kulaksiz 5 find ourselves in, is that because so many people are involved, there are many differing opinions on which route to take to resolve the problem.  I went the Breach of Contract route on the advice of my Advocate. We discussed my options and this seemed the best solution for me.

Eight of the other homeowners decided to mount a case against Kulaksiz Construction Limited (builder), Yuksel Yilmaz (landowner) and Akfinans Bank Limited. It was reported to me that Abdurrahman Guney the then Director of Kulaksiz Construction Limited was sitting in on meetings the neighbours were having with their Advocate and that he issued them with receipts against their final payments to him for the Advocates fee to start the case.

It is true that Abdurrahman Guney and his assistant were at a meeting in their Advocate’s office that I did attend to listen to the suggestion we should all contribute £5000 to help pay off Akfinans Bank which I was willing to do at that time, unfortunately the majority of the homeowners were not.

Via a neighbour I did receive a request from their Advocate to pay a share of his fee and join their case as well as continue with my own case – he said it would be perfectly in order to have two cases running. Pity the High Court did not share his opinion when they threw out my Appeal against Akfinans’s repossession judgement. It both amused and alarmed me that their Advocate should say this. His reasoning was that should he obtain a judgement in their favour, I and the one remaining neighbour would be excluded from benefitting from it. As my Advocate pointed out, because we are all on the same Kocans anything we achieve via the Appeal, everyone would benefit from, anything the neighbours achieved from their case everyone would benefit from. Alas their case and the Appeal achieved nothing.

That the mortgage should never have been granted is patently obvious. That ordinary people should not find themselves in this extraordinary situation is patently obvious. That the Government should get off their backsides and rectify this situation is patently obvious.

Will they????????????????????????

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