Akfinans North Cyprus bank mortgaged pensioners’ home without them knowing

The clock is ticking, Sunday 6th June draws ever closer. Imagine if you will the Estate Agents ‘speak’ for my house.

Desirable 3 bed-roomed bungalow in a quiet area near the sea. Whole of roof terrace.

Bedroom 1 – Ensuite with shower base that leaks – whole room has the aroma of damp and mould.

Bedroom 2 – Interesting floor feature – disintegrating. Walls have mosaic pattern oh sorry those are cracks which have reappeared and match perfectly on the outside wall. Advise not to hang anything in wardrobes unless you are Irish and fond of the colour green. The pungent aroma of mildew comes free. The quaint slope to the floors masks any effect from Efes.

Bedroom 3 – Must see to believe. Wardrobe backs have a papery feel due to water penetration and the aroma of damp, mould and mildew surpasses bedroom 2. The matching cracks on both inside and outside walls also surpass bedroom 2.

Hall – Do not advise putting fingers near fuse box unless you want a ‘hair curling’ experience.

Lounge/Diner – The builder has taken great care to ensure that the cracking walls and damp coloured wall theme continues in this room and the underwater aerial point has to be unique, no I guess the neighbours have this feature too.

The outside patios all have the same ‘sinking’ effect you would expect from build of this quality.

The pool seems to trying to turn over and if you cast a careful eye on this you will see it has a downhill list.

Services – The road does not exist. The pavements are uneven and coming apart. Water – yes sometimes. Electricity – builder’s rates. Street lights – don’t be silly keep eating your carrots.


If you want a good laugh – we suggest you view this property. Only serious bids entertained. What am I bid???

Come early to avoid disappointment. Sunday 6th June at 10.00 am Coffee Shop – Karsiyaka Square

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