Akfinans Bank immoral North Cyprus property auction only 17 days away

The decision to pursue a Breach of Contract action was not taken lightly; however, it would have been no use chasing an empty pot. The first course of action had to be to obtain Injunctions on sufficient of the defendant’s assets to cover any potential award.

My Advocate did a Land Registry search of the Girne area and came up with villas in Arapkoy in Kulaksiz Construction’s name and an apartment in Girne in the name of Yuksel Yilmaz. We attended court and were given temporary injunctions on these properties. Unfortunately, when we next attended court, it was to remove the injunction on the apartment belonging to Yuksel Yilmaz – it seems that the name is as common as John Smith and we had been given an injunction on an apartment belonging to another Yuksel Yilmaz totally unrelated to our case! In the interim period through my sleuthing (Polly Marples) I had become aware that Kulaksiz Construction Limited had redeemed a mortgage with Universal Bank on another development in Arapkoy, that one of the villas was still in the name of Kulaksiz Consrtuction Limited and that his brothers were living in it. My Advocate acted swiftly and we were able to obtain a further injunction on this property. The injunctions were made permanent and the case proceeded, concluding on November 6th 2009 with my being awarded £120,000 with 4% interest and my Advocate being awarded some costs.

To those who say their Contract of Sale is not worth the paper it is written on – I say, whilst you have that mindset, it is not. We do not have to accept being walked all over.

Please be there on 6th JUNE AT 10.00 a.m. – The Coffee Shop Karsiyaka Square if you believe as I do, that this auction is a mockery.

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