Whatever Happened to the Property Complaints Office Records?

Some of us remember when the TRNC government set up the Property Complaints Office (PCO) five years ago and many of the property victims spent countless hours making sure this organisation had all the information needed to deal with their problem. We later discovered that the PCO was unable to fulfil its promise to deal with more than a handful of the several hundred complainants’ submissions. This waste of energy made many realise that the government loves to get us to do all the work as this stops us protesting as we are too exhausted to do anything else. They could also spend a few years replying to your emails telling us to have patience and then another year not replying to them at all.

The government loves to waste our time because it knows we don’t have much of it left. Now, it seems, Nigel Watson’s STBINC is asking you to do it all again. On their FaceBook page, members are being potentially asked to collect all this information again so it can be taken to the government again and, I guess, they can tell you to be patient again and then ignore you again.

Nige’s STBINC request is to ask members what subjects they would like him and Pembe to put to the government. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the government to be told that all the information is with the PCO, get your finger out and deal with it! Isn’t obvious that the members don’t want mortgages on their properties or for them to be auctioned. Better still why not instead contact NCFP with that information and let us compile a book of the property problems you’ve faced and we can then publish and distribute this worldwide? If you’re interested CONTACT US and tell us you want to get involved.

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